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"Dear Friends, I just released a very first my own album.
It is like a short film, located at middle age's Europe.
I hope many people would enjoy this music. Sincerely." 
April 17th 2019
A Book in Latin
-Compositions of Ryohei Yamanashi-

Glockenspiel, Xylophone, Percussion: Toyoji Kuriyama
Theorbo, Baroque Lute, Choir: Ryohei Yamanashi
Recorder, Ocarina: Yukiko Furusho
Bouzouki: Tadashi Aoyama
Composing & Arrangement: Ryohei Yamanashi

Recording, Mixing: Wataru Sato
Mastering: Hiroshi Shiota
Official Management, Design: Futaba Kojima
English Supervising: Yasushi Mano, 
Andrew Fitzsimons

Portuguese Supervising: Shen Ribeiro

Tasting, Please! 
01. The Chapter of Birth
02. The Chapter of Flowers
03. The Chapter of Melancholy
04. The Chapter of Departure
05. The Chapter of Matrimony
06. The Chapter of Tipsiness
07. The Chapter of Mystery
08. A Book in Latin
09. The Chapter of Migration
10. The Chapter of Drowsiness
Recorded in November 2018 to January 2019 at Come True Studio, Tokyo, Japan.
Mastering in January 2019
at TRC studio, Tokyo, Japan.
You Can Get It 
High Resolution 
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